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In 2002 we chased a dream.  Having had a seasonal store on Martha's Vineyard and with a baby on the way, we pursued our dream and opened MOCEAN Cape Cod in May of 2002, just 90 days after our first child was born.  
MOCEAN Cape Cod in Mashpee Commons was always like our third child. She bullied her way into every conversation, tried to dominate our time, but also offered the hope that one day she would grow up to be something great!  Well, she did.  And after no less than 5 moves around Mashpee Commons, 8 years ago we landed at 34 Steeple St. and she was ready to spread her wings on the corner of Steeple and Oak. (pictured above)
The last 18 years have been marked by so many good thoughts...but mostly by the smiles, hugs, handshakes, and opportunities to know and serve our community. Clearly not the norm in retail anymore. 
We have lost count and lost some records (18 years will do that) but estimate that we have employed close to 400 people from our community.  Our earliest & youngest employees are now grown up, in their mid-30's with careers and families of their own. We coached many of them through their studies, heartaches, breakups, divorces, relationship issues, substance abuse, parenting, marriages, business plans & ideas and so much more. Many come back to visit from time to time. We will miss those visits.  Most kids from Cape Cod graduating from college this year, grew up with MOCEAN...from the time they were in a stroller to dominating local sports and now on to the "real world"  You all will be missed. 
To our MOCEAN Ohana (family & customers): We watched relationships rise and fall.  Can't count the number of you that used a listening ear and warm heart to share your story about the passing of a spouse or parent, or the difficult choices in life you were having to make with regard to family, career or something else. We have joined you in burying loved ones, and in mourning, celebrating life with kids and grandkids, and watching your kids grow and get married and have kids of their own. We celebrated your victories in the sports fields, the water, and in life! 

We have to stop...there is too much to say.  We can continue this in person at the shop over the next few weeks, or perhaps over coffee.  Our hearts are full and cannot completely express it properly and convey our love to this community. We'll try to continue that later. 

But for now, we hope that you will come to visit, (we can save the hugs during this whole Covid-19 thing) and tell us about your memories of 
Living Life in MOCEAN.  

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June 30, 2020

It’s hard to find a store that a mom and her 2 girls enjoyed shopping at through a decade, but that was Mocean for us!! It was part of our Mashpee summer experience!


April 20, 2020

I remember when you first opened. I bought my granddaughter’s first pair of Uggs there. Will absolutely miss walking into your store being greeted always by smiles. Always extremely helpful.
Best of luck in your new chapter whatever that will be.
MOCEAN will be a great loss to Mashpee and more.

Wishing you the best…


March 23, 2020

We are so bummed you are closing but understand you need to do what makes sense for your family. We spend a good deal of time in your store in Mashpee every summer as we have a house in Maushop Village. We have purchased boards, gear, and other accessories over the years. We love your store so much that each of the 4 of us received a $50 Gift card for Christmas to your store from a my mother (total of $200). When will you actually be closing and when is the deadline to use our gift cards? It looks like there are very limited items online. Please let me know. Thank you and hope you and your family are staying healthy during this time.

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