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June 03, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

paddle boarding at kingman yacht center


We work to live but we should not live to work instead we should take that “time after work” to be part of something bigger…..Pau Hana.  Pau Hana is defined as an informal gathering to socialize with friends and family after work.  MOCEAN of Cape Cod is on a mission to build a Pau Hana community that will unite paddlers of all levels and ages with the passion of being on the water and to share that stoke with everyone around them!

Every Wednesday at 6:00pm the Pau Hana group will me at a predetermined location (posted on MOCEAN Cape Cod social sites) where we will paddle 3 to 5 miles within packs based on the level experience.  These paddles promote outdoor fitness while highlighting the beautiful waterways and landscapes Cape Cod has to offer.  There is a friendly social gather after each paddle at a local restaurant (food and drinks are on the individual). All while doing our part to help the environment through beach clean-ups and support our local businesses.  We invite you to stay as long as you like! 

Novice paddlers will be invited to learn new skills as they stay close to shore while experienced paddlers may find themselves building mileage, working on stroke development or just challenging each other to a friendly sprint.   

Pau Hana will provide a community where you can paddle to get in some distance, learn new skills, talk gear or just meet new friends.  The possibilities are endless when a group of stoked paddlers get together.  See you on the water!


Sponsored by MOCEAN of Cape Cod, Olu Kai, and Kona Brewing.



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sheila ann harvey
sheila ann harvey

October 17, 2018

i am so excited to get out on the water. I bought my bic sup from u guys at the end of the season in oct. 2017. i just got horizontal cross racks so i can now get a sup carrier. It’s a work in progress. i will be down to get your advice and help with that purchase. i am also interested in going out with a group. It sounds like fun. here’s to a warm wonderful summer. Regards, Sheila Harvey

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