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Ohana Reward Bucks

OHANA REWARD BUCKS are the best way to shop local and earn rewards while you shop!  We developed our Ohana Rewards program with the valuable help and contributions of our very best customers to develop a program that was fair, competitive with national retailers, and rewarding! 

You will receive a monthly email with your current point balance, your available rewards and any added incentives as may be assigned from time to time. 

Want even more points?  Earn your Ambassador of Aloha or even Big Kahuna status and receive special offers, double & triple point days, free shipping on all purchases and more!

How do I earn my points? 

Active members earn one (1) point per $1 spent at MOCEAN or at moceancapecod.com on qualifying purchases.  You can bank your purchases and stack points by having your entire family or group use the same account. MOCEAN is not liable for purchases made where the customer does not provide an account name to collect or redeem points.  Credit for points will only be given if the receipt for a qualifying purchase is emailed to us with a request within 30 days of purchase. An active member is one that makes at least one $10 purchase per year.  January 1 to December 31.  

Points for purchases take 24 hours to reflect on the user account.  Rewards may be used the next day. 

Returns will create a deduction on the points earned. 

Earn 200 points and receive a $10 reward

Earn 500 points and receive a $50 reward

There is NO LIMIT to how may rewards you can earn in a day or year. Once a customer has earned 500 points per year they will be considered an "ambassador of aloha" and will be eligible for additional offers.  Customers that earn 1000 points per year will be automatically enrolled in our Big Kahuna Rewards and will be treated like royalty with advance notice of sales, double and triple points days and more. 

Rewards cannot be "stacked." Only one (1) reward can be redeemed on a receipt per day. 

reward points cannot be earned on sale and discounted items, rentals, classes, tax, postage, membership fees and gift cards.  Individuals redeeming gift cards are eligible to enroll and earn points for purchases.  Classes of products may be excluded from earning points. please see store management for a full list if you have any questions. 

Customers with a negative point balance will be sorted and deleted once per year, normally in January and must re-enroll in the program to begin to accumulate points again. 



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