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Inception 10'6 Wood - Pink/Aqua

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A great cruiser yet enough rocker to play around in small waves. Its full rails, flat deck and high volume make for a "one size fits all" board. Coming from the Latin word "inceptio" meaning the beginning or commencement these boards are geared for new comer's or a "Fun 4 all" type board.

The Inception comes complete as an "on water" package including durable board cover, carbon composite adjustable paddle, leash and fins. Everything you need to head down to the beach, lake or river for a day of smiles.



Standard Wet Lay up - Entry level construction, ledge style carry handle, automatic air valve and gloss finish.

Price Includes Board, Bag, Fins, Carbon Paddle and Leash



Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
10' 31 7/16 4.5 164L 11.5kg+-
10'6 33 4 11/16 191L 12.5kg+-

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