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MOCEAN Adventure Van

Let us Deliver your next adventure!

The MOCEAN Adventure Van loves and good road trip!  Let us make your adventure seamless with our five star service.  Reserve your gear, lesson or tour online or in-store and we will bring the adventure to you!  Deliver is often free or a small charge, but so worth it! 

There's nothing like waking up on the first day of your vacation and finding everything you need to start your kayak and paddleboard adventures in your front yard! 

PLEASE NOTE:  delivering to beaches on Cape Cod and arranging drop off and pick up times can be difficult in the Summer season.  Most Cape Cod beaches require parking permits for all guests and some do not allow the launching of kayaks and paddle boards from the beach.  We've been at this a long time....let us help you find a great launch spot based on the day, time, tide and weather that you want to get out on the water!  Every good (and safe) adventure needs a little planning and some great advice!